Towards a National Restoration Plan

Our ‘Towards a National Restoration Plan’ co-design series comprised of three online workshops, which culminated in a symposium and workshop both held in-person at the 10th World Conference on Ecological Restoration in Darwin in September of 2023. Click here to see our statement and media release from this conference.

Following on from these events, a discussion paper will be developed, which we hope can contribute to the development of a National Ecosystem Restoration Plan as part of Australia’s commitment to the UN Decade of Action on Ecosystem Restoration.

[A document summarising the outputs of the workshop series will soon be provided – watch this space!]


Workshop 1 Webinar

Workshop 1 co-defined the scope and purpose of national targets for the Decade on Ecosystem Restoration, exploring:

1. Value perspectives – What are we seeking from targets and from a national restoration plan?

2. Goals and Objectives – What are our goals and objectives for ecosystem restoration in Australia for the decade of action and beyond?


Workshop 2 Webinar

Workshop 2 focused on co-designing indicators and targets:

1. Identifying core indicators – How will we measure progress towards restoration?

2. Identifying targets – Spatial, social and ecological priorities across themes.


Workshop 3 Webinar

Workshop 3 moved the conversation forward towards a National Ecosystem Restoration Plan by:

1. Exploring how the targets might be used to move us towards a National Ecosystem Restoration Plan.

2. Identifying pathways and partnerships for the realisation of a National Plan.



[Watch this space for the recording of Workshop 3!]