The Restoration Decade Alliance is a collaborative effort by several Australian non-profit organisations to support and promote the goals of the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration.

Across this Decade, we envision a substantial reduction in societal impacts upon Australian ecosystems and an increase in their ecological recovery to:

  1. Progressively help meet national and global sustainability goals;
  2. Secure the sustained stewardship of Australian ecosystems, their biodiversity, and the plethora of services that they provide humanity; and,
  3. Renew a mutually nurturing relationship between people and nature.

To reach these outcomes, RDA members have united to accomplish the goals of the Darwin Agreement …

… to author an Open Letter to Australian policy makers ahead of the 2022 election …

… and to form Working Groups which address key areas of action in promoting the UN Decade
on Ecosystem Restoration in Australia.

The Government Policy Working Group focuses on building relationships with decision makers and developing policy statements drawn from member expertise to guide optimal policy settings which foster restorative actions.

The Goals and Targets Working Group focuses on identifying achievable short, medium, and long-term targets and goals for a range of sectors including community, industry, and government.

The Best Practice Restoration Working Group focuses on sharing and promoting best practices drawn from the specialisations of each member organisation.

The Good News Stories Working Group focuses on promoting – via social media – restorative actions, festivals and arts events, school programs, and so on, with the goal of building a culture of reverence and celebration of ecosystems and their restoration, and encouraging increased community involvement in everyday sustainable practices.